History Of France Loto:

One of the most popular international lottery games in Europe, France Loto was launched in 1976 by the operator La Française des Jeux, a mainly state-owned group. France has a long history of lottery games, first created by King Francis in 1505. Over 36% of the todays’ French population play France Loto and since the Euro was introduced in 2002 150 lucky residents have become multi-millionaires. The minimum jackpot amount is set to €2 million. If there is no winner, this increases by €1 million. There is a maximum of 34 rollovers for the jackpot.
The France Loto  

How To Play France Loto:

To place an entry into the France Loto players must choose numbers from 2 sets of balls (a ‘double matrix’). Players make their picks as follows:

-    Select 5 numbers from a possible 49

-    Select 1 number from a possible 10 (known as the ‘Lucky Number’)

To win this lottery a player must match all their chosen 6 numbers to all 6 numbers drawn.

France Loto Jackpots:

The largest single-ticket jackpot prize won on the France Loto was €24 million on 6th June 2011. The jackpot rolled over an impressive 11 times (from a starting special draw jackpot size of €13 million) to produce this gigantic jackpot!

The France Loto has also had its fair share of interesting results over the years with one incredibly lucky lottery player taking home the French jackpot twice. A player from the southern French city of Montpellier took home the jackpot in 1996 and then again in 2011 winning himself a total of €5.8 million. 

France Loto

When To Play France Loto:

Draws for the French Loto take place three times every week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. France Loto drawings are held in Paris, France at 20.30 GMT.

France Loto Prize Tier:

There are a total of 6 prize tiers for this French Lottery, which means that there are a great number of prizes to be won up to three times per week.

Jackpot: 5 Numbers Plus Lucky Number
Tier 2: 5 Numbers
Tier 3: 4 Numbers
Tier 4: 3 Numbers
Tier 5: 2 Numbers
Tier 6: Lucky Number


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